The DYNAMIXEL DRIVE (DYD) is a built-to-order product and requires a lead time of 7 weeks.


The DYNAMIXEL DRIVE (DYD) is a High-Precision gear with Superior Impact Resistance. 

Generally, a traditional Cycloidal Gear Drive is well known as being strong but larger in size and heavier compared to the Harmonic Drive. However, unlike traditional Cycloid Drives, the ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL DRIVE(DYD) achieves high torque and accurate repeatability at the same time while being more compact, lighter, and stronger over other reducers in the market.

Package Components
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Input Shaft Option

* May select either Type-C / Type-SD for purchase.


Gear ratio-3351
Repeatable peak torqueNm8.517.0
Rated torqueNm2.23.5
Maximum input speedrpm6,0006,000
Nominal input speedrpm2,0002,000
Hysteresis loss / Backlasharcmin<3.0<3.0
Starting torquecNm2020
Service lifehours7,0007,000
Dimension(W x H x D)mm43 x 43 x 23.543 x 43 x 23.5

*The efficiency of DYD Drive can be affected by temperature and input speed.