DYNAMIXEL-XD series is a high-performance lineup specially designed for industrial applications. The XD series shares an identical form factor with the XH/XM series and has long lifetime with a robust metal gear. The aluminum housing and the hollow cable assembly technique are adopted to maximize user convenience. 1. 6 Operating Modes (Torque Control, Velocity Control, Position Control, Extended Position Control, Current based Position Control, PWM Control) 2. Profile Control for Smooth Motion Planning 3. Improved Heat Dissipation with Aluminum Housing 4. Hollow Back Housing Minimizes Cable Stress (3-way-routing) 5. Easy and Simple Assembly Structure 6. Energy Efficient (Reduced Standby Current from 100mA to 40mA)

Package Components

ItemQuantity     Description
HN13-N1011Standard horn for X540 models
Thrust Washer (for Horn Assembly)1Preventing friction between horn and case
Robot Cable-X4P 180mm1                   RS485 4p Cable (JST-JST)
Robot Cable-X4P (Convertible) 180mm 1RS485 4p Cable (MOLEX-JST)
Robot Cable-3P-Sync 160mm 1Cable for Dual Joints

Wrench Bolt WB M2.5x5

16                                  For frame assembly (Side hole)
Wrench Bolt WB M2.5x410For frame assembly
Wrench Bolt WB M3x81For horn assembly
Spacer Ring8For frame assembly
Various Cabling Methods
Compatible Products

DYNAMIXEL-X Series cable assembly through hollow case


Organize the entangled cable before assembling the back case.

Do not assemble the back case with entangled cable. The entangled cable can be squashed by the case and cause communication error.

If you use two cables through the hollow case, the cables will be damaged.

Use only one cable through the hollow case.


The DYNAMIXEL-X Series adopted a new gold-plated JST connector for secure and reliable communication.

The connector used for the previous DYNAMIXEL is Molex.


To control DYNAMIXEL-X Series actuators via OpenCM or USB2Dynamixel, please use the JST-Molex Convertible Cable enclosed in the package. 

However, the Molex-JST convertible cable is NOT included in the XL430 model.

Please purchase a convertible cable when using a controller and interface that supports the JST connector.

Installation Example
Model Name XD540-T150-R
MCU ARM Cortex-M3 (72 [Mhz], 32 [bit])
Input Voltage Min. [V] 10.0
Recommended [V] 12.0
Max. [V] 14.8
Performance Characteristics Voltage [V] 12.0
Stall Torque [N·m] 7.10
Stall Current [A] 4.9
No Load Speed [rpm] 70.0
No Load Current [A] 0.07
Continuous Operation Voltage [V] -
Torque [N·m] -
Speed [rpm] -
Current [A] -
Resolution Resolution [deg/pulse] 0.0879000000
Step [pulse/rev] 4,096
Angle [degree] 360
Position Sensor Contactless absolute encoder (12 [bit], 360 [deg])
Maker : ams(www.ams.com), Part No : AS5045
Operating Temperature Min. [°C] -5
Max. [°C] 80
Motor Coreless (Maxon)
Baud Rate Min. [bps] 9,600
Max. [bps] 4,500,000
Control Algorithm PID
Gear Type Spur
Gear Material Metal
Case Material Metal(Front, Middle) Engineering Plastic(Back)
Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [mm] 33.5 x 58.5 x 44
Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [inch] 1.32 x 2.30 x 1.73
Weight [g] 170.00
Weight [oz] 5.99
Gear Ratio 152.3 : 1
Backlash [arcmin] -
Backlash [deg] -
Command Signal Digital Packet
Protocol Type Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication (8bit, 1stop, No Parity)
Link (Physical) RS485 Multidrop Bus
ID 0 ~ 252
Feedback Position, Velocity, Current, Realtime tick, Trajectory, Temperature, Voltage, External Port, etc.
Protocol version Protocol 1.0
Protocol 2.0(Default)
Operating Mode / Angle Current Control mode:Endless turn
Velocity Control mode:Endless turn
Position Control Mode:360 [deg]
Extended Position Control Mode:±256 [rev]
Current-based Position Control Mode:±256 [rev]
PWM Control Mode:Endless turn
Output [W] -
Standby Current [mA] 40