YM080-230-R051-RH is an all-in-one robot actuator with a built-in cycloidal reducer, specifically the


DYNAMIXEL DRIVE (DYD) cannot be replaced after purchasing the product.


High Performance Frameless Motor with Hollow Shaft

Torque control based on current sensing

PID control to enhance position, speed reliability and accuracy

The integrated absolute magnetic encoder and replaceable battery allow multi-turn position information to be retained

even after complete power-off (with back up battery).

Metal housing for high durability

Modular configuration makes it easy to create applications of varying degrees of freedom

Package Components
Robot Cable-2P-X4P 600mm(Convertible)1RS485 2P-4P Cable(MOLEX-JST)
Robot cable-2P 600mm1RS485 2P Cable(MOLEX-MOLEX)
Cord End Terminal4For power connection
Terminal Plug2For power connection
Wrench Bolt WB M3X2014For shaft frame assembly
Wrench Bolt WB M4x1010For frame assembly
How to Connect a Multi-turn Backup Battery
1. Disconnect the power from the DYNAMIXEL-Y and release the locking bolt on the battery cover.
2. Open the battery cover.
3. Connect the battery cable.
4. Reattach the battery cover.
5. Tighten and secure the locking bolt of the battery cover.
6. Run DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0, and follow the battery replacement procedure.
7. Refer to the e-Manual for details (link)
Assembly guide

- Please be aware of different operational voltage from other DYNAMIXEL series (Operational voltage: 24V).

- Please refer to the drawings provided online when combining with other power transmission products.

- This product is designed as an integral unit; the cycloidal reducer and motor cannot be separated for individual use.

- Please be cautious of overheating during prolonged high-speed usage. 

- Please use a frame that matches the screw length considering the depth of the tabs indicated in the drawing.

- After purchasing the product, ensure to connect the multi-turn backup battery before use.

- Please refer to the drawings when combined with various products such as reducers, linear actuators, and

servo cylinders depending on the intended purpose.

- For additional precautions, please refer to the e-manual.

Model Name YM080-230-R051-RH
MCU ARM Cortex-M4 (168 [Mhz], 32 [bit])
Input Voltage Min. [V] -
Recommended [V] 24.0
Max. [V] -
Performance Characteristics Voltage [V] 24.0
Stall Torque [N·m] -
Stall Current [A] -
No Load Speed [rpm] 62.5
No Load Current [A] -
Continuous Operation Voltage [V] 24.0
Torque [N·m] 15.8
Speed [rpm] 39.2
Current [A] 12.6
Resolution Resolution [deg/pulse] 0.0000134636
Step [pulse/rev] 26,738,688
Angle [degree] 360
Position Sensor Contactless absolute encoder (19Bit, 360 [deg])
Multi-turn (18Bit, 262,144 [rev], Battery back up)
Operating Temperature Min. [°C] -5
Max. [°C] 55
Motor Frameless BLDC
Baud Rate Min. [bps] 9,600
Max. [bps] 10,500,000
Control Algorithm PID
Gear Type Cycloid
Gear Material Metal
Case Material Metal (Plastic Bottom)
Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [mm] D80 x 78.1
Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [inch] D3.14 x 3.07
Weight [g] 1200.00
Weight [oz] 42.33
Gear Ratio 51:1
Backlash [arcmin] < 3.0
Backlash [deg] -
Command Signal Digital Packet
Protocol Type Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication (8bit, 1stop, No Parity)
Link (Physical) RS-485 Multidrop Bus
ID 0 ~ 252
Feedback Position, Velocity, Current, Temperature, Voltage, etc
Protocol version Protocol 2.0
Operating Mode / Angle Current Control mode:Endless turn
Velocity Control mode:Endless turn
Position Control Mode : ±2,570 [Rev]
Output [W] 230
Standby Current [mA] 40