3P Set, used for DYNAMIXEL AX- Series, MX – Series & TTL motors

The material was changed to a soft, non-breaking material, which is stronger than conventional materials.

It is strong against bending, and wiring processing of robot is easy.

Cable holders can make it easier to arrange.

Package Components
3P CABLE 60mm6
3P CABLE 100mm5
3P CABLE 140mm6
3P CABLE 180mm4
3P CABLE 200mm5
Compatible Products

DYNAMIXEL : AX-12+, AX-12A, AX-18F, AX-12A, AX-S1, MX-28T, MX-64T, MX-106T

Controller : CM-2+, CM-5, CM-510, CM-530, CM-700, OpenCM 485 EXP

Interface : USB2Dynamixel

Etc. : SMPS2Dynamixel