Gear set is for the DYNAMIXEL MX-64.

 Made with metal and specially coated to strengthen endurance and durability of abrasion.

A MX-64 exclusive magnet is attached to the wheel gear.

There are 2 wheel bearings included.

NOT compatible with the RX-64.

Package Components
MX-64 Gear #11
MX-64 Gear #11
MX-64 Gear #11
MX-64 Gear #11
MX-64 Wheel Gear1
Calibration Adaptor1
How to Replace the Gears
How to Calibrate the Gears

2 ball bearings are used for Dynamixel wheel gears.

The wheel gear bearing on bottom is engaged when the product is released.  

When replacing the gear, assemble with the remaining bearing on top.


The MX-Series Dynamixels applied a contactless position sensor that requires calibration after gear replacement.  

Use the attached calibration adaptor and R+ Dynamixel Wizard for self-calibration