- This charger is intended for the ROBOTIS Li-ion Battery 3.7V 1300mAh LB-041 rechargeable battery.

- Uses 6mm rivets (ROBOTIS DREAM/MINI) to install onto robots.

- Can be used as a frame to attach the battery onto robots.

- Charging : RED LED, Charging complete : LED OFF

- Uses the 2P robot cables for battery boxes to connect to the controller (robot).

Package Components

Li-ion Battery Charger Set


USB Micro B Cable1

Robot Cable-2P for BatteryBox


Compatible Products

- Rechargeable Battery : Li-ion  Battery  3.7V  1300mAh  LB-041

Storage Precautions

- Do not keep the battery connected to the controller when not in use.

- When storing away the battery for a long time, make sure the battery life is around 50%.

- Do not store it in wet or hot places.


- Do not use damaged batteries (inflated, deformed, damaged, etc.).

- Do not charge when the battery is hot. Please charge after it has cooled off.

- Do not charge the battery when connected to the controller.

※ LB-040 (Old Li-ion battery) can be recharged with the LBB-041 (New Li-ion battery charger).

※HOWEVER, both parts must be vertically placed then inserted. DO NOT OBLIQUELY INSERT.