Product Name : OpenMANIPULATOR-P
Model Name : RM-P60-RNH

User Programmable Open-Source Manipulator System

Modular Platform for Easy Maintenance and Customization

No External Control Box & High Weight-to-Payload Ratio

Package Components
OpenMANIPULATOR-P1 (Fully-assembled)
Hard Case1
Spare Cables (4P, 2P)1
Screw Sets (WB M3x8 etc)1
4P Expansion Hub1
H/W Specification
Payload (kg)3
Repeatability (mm)±0.05
Speed (Each joint, deg/sec)180
Weight (kg)5.5
Reach (mm)645
Rated Voltage (VDC)24
CommunicationRS-485 (Multi Drop Bus)
Motor Output / Joint

200W / 2ea

100W / 2ea

20W / 2ea

SoftwareROS (Ubuntu Linux)


PC (Not Included)
S/W Specification

ROBOTIS Manipulator controller package based on integrated software 

OpenMANIPULATOR-P Library (Kinematics,Trajectory and Dynamixel Controller).

GUI program package for setting and monitoring control parameters.

MoveIt! package for OpenMANIPULATOR-P

Simulation package based on Gazebo Simulator

Teleoperation examples of keyboard and Joystick 


Research and Education 

Kinematics and Dynamics Experiment

Research and Design a Dual Arm Robot

Build a Mobile Robot System

Industrial Operation

Inspection Equipment

Small-Scale Delivery System


Power supply and PC are not included.
Please purchase separately according to your 
usage environment.


Factory Default Settings
Baud Rate57600 bps

(User can change various settings including ID and baud rate according to environment)

If you purchase RH-P12 (Robot Hand) and RM-P60-RNH(OpenMANIPULATOR-P) together, they will be shipped out together in the OpenMANIPULATOR-P`s case.
Features of DYNAMIXEL-P

All-in-one Modular Design

DC Motor + Controller + Driver + Sensor + Cycloid Reduction Gear

Compact and Lightweight

Minimized module size with compact and lightweight cycloid reduction gear.

High weight-to-output ratio(0.05Nm/g)

High impact resistance ( over 400%)

High Precision and Low Backlash

Contactless (Magnetic) Absolute Encoder(by AMS) & Incremental Encoder for Precise Positioning

Low backlash (3~4arcmin)

Performance data provided tested by Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme(KOLAS)

Current-Based Torque Control 

High speed current sensing algorithm and current feedback control

Triple-loop control for current, speed and position feedback.

User Friendly development environment

Provide C language based library

Various solution examples (C++, LabVIEW, C#, eclipse, JAVA, etc..)